Hot diggity have we got a new way to Par-tay!

Limited spaces, unlimited fun!

We have 2 spots  available Saturdays and Sundays.  Get in quick  so you don’t miss out . The ultimate hang spot to cheer on your climbers on and fuel up with hot dogs and  ice cream cake.

No minimum party guests, just build your package.

So what’s included?

  • Climbing! Reach new heights and challenge yourself.
  • Spacious party corner, with your own VIP hang out area, we will have the table set up and food and cake ready for you after your climb.

Pricing example

    • $50 for party room hire (includes table set up, party host and one ice cream cake)
    • $22 per climber for one hour climb session
    • $ 7 per child for food (hotdog, bag of chips and pop top drink)

    For example – if you’ve got 10 kids your party will cost $340 in total.

    Arrival and pick up times –   If you are booked for a 10am party, please have the kids arrive at 9:45am to allow time for check in.   Your party will finish up at 11:30am.    If you are booked for a 12pm party, please have the kids arrive at 11:45am and your party will finish up at 1:30pm.


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