Squad Member

Join our Squad Membership scheme to receive fantastic offers and exclusive events for our Squad! Purchase the membership for just 20 bucks.  All Squad Members will be issued with a member key ring and a two-for-one voucher (see, you already have your money back!) by presenting your key ring you will be able to claim some awesome deals and discounts all year round.


  • Bring your online order ticket to our reception or purchase in-store (You will be issued with a Squad Key ring and a 2-4-1 voucher)
  • Complete a membership form which will ask for the details of the squad member (membership is not transferable)
  • Consent to marketing but don’t let our sensational offers fall into your junk. Add hello@islandclipnclimb.com.au to your favourites to get all the great deals
  • If you lose your Squad key-ring you will need to re-purchase your membership.                                     


To access our Squad offers customers must present their squad key ring at the reception and cafe.   Enjoy Squad Member discounts including:

9am Climb Sessions only $10

Sunday group discounts

Thursday Grandparent discounts

Birthday Party discounts

Tues & Wed Kinder climbs

School Holiday Program discounts

10% off Cafe and merchandise

Friday after school fun discounts

Flash Offer discounts and giveaways

Invitations to Exclusive Events